Research Reviewing Service

Scientific papers reviewing pages are considered as a group of processes in which the research is inspected by a committee consisting of one expert or a group of experts who read the research and decide if the research is applicable or not.

We in Tamjeed Institution for Reviewing and Publishing provide academic services and consultancies that are multifaceted, including reviewing scientific research, making drafts, presenting them to the competent authority. We work as mediators among the parties to obtain an approved scientific research. We provide this service as a part of our diverse academic services by special working group that encompasses various majors.

Research Publishing Service

Publishing service for research and scientific papers according to the requirements of each reviewed journal. Tamjeed institution for publishing and reviewing gives an opportunity for academics to publish their scientific research in the reviewed scientific journals that cooperate with us. Publishing scientific research requires a highly competent supervisor who is capable of communicating with the reviewed scientific journals and making the required corrections from the scientific journals. Publishing any scientific research in reviewed journal takes several weeks before taking the acceptance from a reviewed article. The duration for taking the official approval from a journal usually takes 30-40 days.

To publish a scientific research, our team members are required according to their experiences to provide the highest ranking journals for publishing. Then, the researcher makes the whole required procedures in terms of submitting the application to the journal and following it up until taking the final approval from the desired journal. We guarantee that your name will be mentioned in one of the most important scientific and international journals.

Translation Service

Translation service is one of the services provided by Tamjeed Institution for Reviewing Scientific Research and Publishing. We provide our skills and services to academics worldwide at reasonable rates.

We, Tamjeed Institution, provide specialized translation services in all the translation fields, namely, medical, legal, vocational, and technical. Moreover, we have highly qualified translators with long experience in translating scientific research. A group of our skilled translators with more than 10 years of experience in Jordan and Middle East translate scientific research to meet the demands of our honored academics.

International Research Project and Groups’ Service

It is constituted by a member of Tamjeed team with a member of the donor body to accomplish the project according to the conditions and system of remuneration.